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Summer maintenance of leather sofa

May 31, 2017

Leather sofa for the living room to add a lot of noble and elegant, leather sofa maintenance is very important. Summer, the weather is hot, should pay more attention to the maintenance of leather sofa.

First of all, to ensure that the ventilation in the room, too dry or wet, will accelerate the aging of leather.

Secondly, leather sofa is not put in direct sunlight to place, also do not put in the air conditioning blows directly to the place, which would make the surface hardening. Direct sunlight will make colored leather.

Summer sweat, leather pores will absorb sweat, high temperature and humidity will make the sweat in the organic matter and leather chemical reaction, easy to produce odor. In this regard, you should always wipe with damp and dry cloth.

When cleaning sofa, can not use alkaline cleaning liquid, because in the skin is acidic treatment, and alkaline will make leather soft decline, long-term use will occur wrinkles.

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leather sectional sofa

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